Sunday, January 27, 2019

Printing a new spool holder for the 2nd spool

I have been making slow progress upgrading my Maker Farm Pegasus 12 printer to being dual head. I finished printing out the new spool holder parts I want to use. I ended up trying out a combination of parts. First I used the 3DPNFilHoldGuide.stl and 3DPNFilHoldRoller.stl files from this thing: Then I used the AM8_4020_spool_mount.stl file from this one:

Spool holder mount

For these parts I used PLA with the extruder temp set to 210 degrees and the bed temp set to 60 degrees. I also enabled supports and a 20% infill.

I've been having some bed leveling issues lately, and so had to rerun the auto level a few times. I also worked on adjusting the bed more to make it more level on its own. I did this for a couple reasons. First was the leveling seemed to be having some issues on one side, so I was hoping a bed closer to flat would be more successful. Second, I was thinking when I get the Chimera dual head on there, the closer to level the bed is, the better print results I'll get.

It took some filing to get everything together, but I'm pretty happy with the end result. I'll try it out for a few runs and if all is well I'll print another one for the other side to replace the wood one that came with the printer originally.

Assembled and installed spool holder 
Installed spool holder with filament spool