Thursday, May 19, 2011

RTC Command Line for

I've recently been working with the RTC Command Line capabilities in For a long time I was looking at the help for the old 1.0 commands. I was happy to recently discover that I was looking at the old version and found the more update documentation for the release we're using here:

They've made some significant improvements to the commands available which have made what I'm trying to do much nicer. I'm trying to setup an automated merge capability that will merge one stream to another stream using an automated build definition. More to come soon...

On a side note, I have run into an issue with case sensitivity using the scm conflicts command. For some reason it was always complaining about not being able to login. We're using an LDAP for RTC authentication and I realized that the LDAP stores my user name in all caps. When I switched the scm login to use my username in all caps the problem went away.

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